Fees and Charges


Item Price
A4 Printing & Photocopy - Black & White $0.30
A4 Printing & Photocopy - Colour $1.00
A3 Printing & Photocopy - Black & White $0.60
A3 Printing & Photocopy - Colour $2.00
Inter-Library Loan $2.80
Replace Lost Card $5.80
Library Bag - Non-members $5.80
Library Bag - Members $4.50
View Room hire per hour - Not-for-profit $20.00/hr
View Room hire per hr - Casual use $40.00/hr


Late returns & lost / damaged items

There are no fines for late returns.

If a book or Library item is overdue, the Library will contact you to remind you to return it.

However, if you do not reply to written requests to return overdue items Council will charge full replacement cost of the item including processing.

Items which have been lost or returned damaged will incur a fee for replacement cost of the item including processing. Council may also undertake proceedings to recover this debt.

There is an after-hours returns chute at Picton Library for the return of Library items.

Library items are publicly-funded items of community property, and we always prefer to see items returned so that others may use them.

Photocopying & printing

There is a photocopier/printer at Picton Library and on the Mobile Library vans which operate on a do-it-yourself basis.

Scanning is also available for public use at Picton Library, and is free of charge. You can scan directly to a USB or send it your email.

Photocopying is subject to copyright restrictions.

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

The Library provides an interlibrary loan service to members for books or articles not held in Wollondilly Library. Fees for this service are in accordance with the current Wollondilly Shire
Council Fees and Charges publication
  (see page 53).

This fee can be paid in advance or payable when the item is supplied.

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