Family is one of the most popular and recurring themes in our picture book collection.

Books about families allow us to celebrate our loved ones, as well as giving us the opportunity to look inside other people's lives and homes to see similarities and differences. 

Board Books

For our smallest library users, a collection of stories about family in board book format.

Books about Dads

Celebrate the fathers and father-figures in our lives with this selection of picture books about dads.

Books about Mums

Celebrate our Mums and other maternal figures in this selection of stories.

Books about Grandparents

Grandparents and grandfriends are a source of wisdom for kids and provide them with a link to the past. Celebrate the Nans, Pops, Grannies, Opas in our lives, whatever you may call them!

Books about Siblings

Brothers and sisters teach us a lot of skills such as sharing, respecting differences and how to work together.

All families are different

Not all families look the same. Here is a range of books with a variety of families represented.

Book List created 24 August 2023.