My Library

Our libraries are a valuable source of knowledge and a wealth of information. Public libraries mean different things to different people and your library is a socially inclusive environment where people can pursue predominately individual activities in a communal environment. 

 The Wollondilly Library Service has a range of resources and facilities for residents and visitors to the Wollondilly Shire.  For residents who don't use these services regularly it's an opportunity to explore and discover one of our most important assets.  All kinds of information is available to you through our libraries, and you can access this information by telephone, in person or online.  Staff will show you how to use reference books, databases, computers, access information online, the catalogue, photocopying and printing and much more.

Mission Statement

To provide residents and visitors to Wollondilly Shire with a comprehensive and easily accessible library service equipped to meet their educational, informational, vocational and recreational needs.

Your Library Card

As a member of the library, your library card connects you to resources and services world wide. Join online!


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