My Community

My Community is a collection of resources about the Wollondilly Shire.

About Wollondilly provides up to date information about our government , community and local directories and online community forum.

Local Studies is a collection of resources of historical significance for the Shire including information about towns within Wollondilly, local historical groups and Picture Wollondilly photographic database.

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Picture Wollondilly

People, places, past and present

This Site contains a unique collection of images of the Wollondilly Shire from early times to the present day. It shows the physical growth of the area, the people who made it happen and their life styles at work and play.

This Site is a great resource for people doing research and/or projects.

Council would especially like to thank The Oaks Historical Society; The Burragorang Heritage Society; and The Picton and District Historical and Family History Society for all of their hard work on this database.